Wool Cafe

Wool Cafe in Naggar is a place you should not miss on your trip. Located a few metres from Naggar Castle’s entrance, this cosy cafe has an upscale, European coffee house ambience and offers a unique travel experience.

The concept of Wool Cafe lies in its origin. Since 1995, this location used to be a popular shop selling shawls and woollen handicrafts. In 2019, we decided to offer a new travel experience to our guests and started Wool Cafe.

The idea behind Wool Cafe was to start a creative space in the centre of Naggar. A place where travellers can relax, share stories over great coffee and plan their next jaunts into the woods. You can also peacefully shop for woolen, handmade souvenirs from the Himalayas here.

Food at Wool Cafe in Naggar

On the food front, we serve premium Blue Tokai coffee as our choice beverage. We also have a range of cheesecakes, cookies, apple strudels, pies, brownies and many more goodies.

Items on our menu are freshly baked every single day. We also prepare gluten-free bread on order.

Shopping at Wool Cafe

For shoppers, Wool Cafe in Naggar has premium quality woven shawls, caps, stoles and other items for sale. All items sold at  the cafe are exclusively made for us. Because of this, we only use authentic angora, Pashmina, Yak wool and regular wool sourced locally. 

We believe in high quality products as well as giving back to our local community. All the wool items for sale at Wool Cafe are handmade by ladies of Naggar, who are experts in the craft of weaving and knitting. 

We also support local and international artists. Wool Cafe gives them space to display and sell their artworks at the cafe.

Euro-cafe Ambience

European cafe ambience in the Himalayas

Excellent Coffee

Naggar's best cuppa, brewed from Blue Tokai beans

Cakes & More

Cheesecakes, cookies, pies etc baked fresh every day

Shop in Peace

Authentic Himalayan handlooms for sale 

Our Other Offerings

Himalayan Heritage Emporium

Himalayan Heritage Emporium is our family-run shop selling quality woolen handicrafts and organic produce.

This small shop offers shawls, jackets, caps, ayurvedic and organic soaps, handmade Kullu mojris, and local food items such as fern pickles, apple jams etc. 

Located in the main square, opposite the entrance to Naggar Castle.

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